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This is the menu which should be a relatively good guide for my website! ^^

image total: 336
Sailor Moon 50 images
Wish 15 images
Evangelion 12 images
Shamanic Princess 43 images
Gundam Wing 29 images
Legend of Zelda 11 images
Unico 6 images
Dragonball/Z 11 images
Magic Knight Rayearth 68 images
Card Captor Sakura 17 images
Devil Hunter Yohko 11 images
Inuyasha 4 images
Blood: The Last Vampire 2 images
Ronin Warriors 24 images
Tenchi Muyo! 2 images*NEW*
Screen Shots 14 images *NEW*
Animated GIFs 14 images *NEW*

Galleries coming soon
Cowboy Bebop
Outlaw Star
The Last Unicorn

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