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Hello! Welcome to Aurina's Anime Gallery. This image gallery contains those wonderful pictures from your favorite animes and mangas!

If you use any pictures from here please make sure to link us in any way or form! Thanks a lot!

Updates: Sailor Moon gallery is fully uploaded, Trigun pictures fixed. New screen shots, Animated GIFs, and Tenchi Muyo! galleries. New Evangelion & Gundam Wing images. Legend of Zelda gallery fixed. [6/30/03]

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image total: 336

¤Sailor Moon 49 images
¤Wish 15 images
¤Evangelion 10 images
¤Shamanic Princess 43 images
¤Gundam Wing 29 images
¤Legend of Zelda 11 images
¤Unico 6 images
¤Dragonball/Z 11 images
¤Magic Knight Rayearth 67 images
¤Card Captor Sakura 17 images
¤Devil Hunter Yohko 11 images
¤Inuyasha 4 images
¤Blood: The Last Vampire 2 images
¤Ronin Warriors 24 images
¤Trigun 3 images
¤Tenchi Muyo! 2 images*NEW*
¤Screen Shots 14 images *NEW*
¤Animated GIFs 14 images *NEW*

Galleries coming soon
¤Cowboy Bebop
¤Outlaw Star
¤The Last Unicorn